Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 204 (Monday)

written 7/29/2012

Future Woman's Camp 2012 - 
About 10 girls (12-14yrs) and 10 moms spent three days here on the farm.  

Arrive at the Cones and unpack
Ice breaker and Orientation
Craft-Gratitude Journals (top picture)
Archery & Target Practice (girls looking at their targets and searching for arrows)
Craft- T-shirts and bookmarks
Astronomy lesson
Talk by KerriAnn
Project Runway
Astronomy Walk

I spent most of the morning running around getting things ready, and then enjoyed helping out with the target practice (we used pellet guns), giving a little astronomy talk on the zodiac and how to find the north star, watching Project Runway, talking with everyone who came, leading an almost-midnight walk in the middle of the cleared forest to gaze at the stars and watching some of Roman Holiday.

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