Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 111

1. We were admiring a Lotus while Andy drove me to the airport. sweeeeet.
2. Portland Airport Art exhibits - I always enjoy seeing what they have
3. And being amused by it...
4. Brunch with Rebekah & Christa (one of the other bridesmaids)
5. Shopping downtown Spokane. Love all the "bridges"...
6. What else- Flying to Spokane, Miscellaneous shops/shopping, Sorting out wedding to-do lists

1 comment:

Leah V. said...

Oooh, very fun! Yes, that rose art is quite something! From the picture, it looks almost like thread or fabric of some kind; what's it made out of?
Have a wonderful time with wedding stuff! Tell Rebekah congratulations from me. :)
Love you, Sara!