Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 101

1. Buying dairy calves (so excited! Me, that is. Andy didn't know I was taking the photo.. )
2.  Now he knows I'm taking the photo. ;)
3. Beautiful Camilias
4. Dad and Jacob feeding Curly this evening. Dad told me explicitly that he wasn't going to feed them, just watch, and then of course the second, he enters the pen and sees how cute they are he says "Hand me a bottle"... He's awesome like that.
5. What else - Mostly just steer related stuff. Wasn't expecting to be able to take them home right away, so Andy and I bought a tarp and took them home in the back of the van! Then I drove around gathering what we needed (milk replacer, another bottle and two nipples, feed). I'm thrilled to have cows again!


Lauren S. said...

They're so cute!! How many did you get?

Leah V. said...