Friday, June 24, 2011

Voting on fear

So right now who get's to vote is a matter of discussion at our church. And it's been a good discussion I think. At least I'm enjoying it. But then again, I like debate. Especially when I'm right. ;) And obviously I'm humble about it! Um, just kidding. Hopefully I didn't really need to say that, but you never know.

This article about male voting and heads of households showed up on facebook and I'm resharing it for my lovely non-facebook friends. It contains Mark Horne's thoughts and was very interesting. Read it! And then we can debate it some more. :)

One thing that I find fascinating about the objection to female voting in the church, is people worried that it will lead to feminist leadership of the church (seen in churches accross America nowadays). While I understand that fear, I don't think that fear of an extreme is ever a reason to avoid doing something. In this case, the two ditches seem to be Patriarchy (only men) and Feminism (only women), thus to me the middle road and the wisest option, includes men and women.


Rosanne E. Lortz said...

Here's my opinion on the voting.

I think that most arguments against women voting are the "slippery slope" arguments. "Give women the vote, and before you know it, you'll have them in the pulpit!" There isn't a Biblical injunction against women voting, nor is there a command supporting it.

Since the Bible is somewhat ambiguous on this subject, a church that is concerned about the slippery slope could legitimately have a prohibition against women voting, but I think that it needs to be clear that this is a "house rule" and not "God's rules." It would be wrong to say that the Bible prohibits women from voting in church.

Perhaps it was wise in the cultural context during which RCC was founded to have only the male heads of households vote. It does seem that the cultural context has now shifted and that male-only voting is a stumbling block to women's perceived worth in the Church.

Sara said...

I like your thoughts alot, Rose. I do agree that at the beginning it was probably a wise move and that it is a cultural issue to be sensitive too. I believe that this is a wisdom issue... Not a "Thou Shalt (not)" issue. Also, while it doesn't directly address voting, this was a nice post by Emeth on strong women.

Amanda Evans said...

I don't think the "slippery slope" argument is valid because while there isn't any direct command against women voting in the church, there is one against women ruling. So it is good to discuss the wisdom of women voting or not, but it is a separate discussion from women ending up in the pulpit.

I thought the article was very helpful and I love debating too!

Sally said...

I was glad you posted the Mark Horne article...but I was disappointed that he didn't address wives submitting to their husbands. To me, that is the big problem with having women vote...a wife could cast a vote against her husband. I don't have any problem with a woman who is the head of her own house having a vote to represent her household (ie. widow, single woman away from her family, etc.)...but I do have a problem with a wife disagreeing publicly with her husband by voting against him. Eph. 5 is pretty clear that the wife is to submit to the husband "in all things." On something that is not sin (obviously), after they've discussed the matter, if her husband doesn't change his mind, I believe the Scripture teaches she must submit.

I don't love debating... ;-) But some things just get me riled! Heh.