Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I always love it when you discover something new about Portland while running errands. In fact, I feel a whole post about the "correct" way to do errands coming up.

The other day we were driving and had to turn around. I turned onto a side street and we discovered a charming neighborhood of classic 1940/50's ranch houses.

I have some house plan books from decades ago, and this house looked like it popped right out of it.
I didn't get the feeling anything had changed for 60 years...

Whenever we discover a neighborhood that we really like, Mom and I will deem it to be like Los Altos or Colusa. Two small California towns (or at least, Los Altos used to be small) that our family has attachments too. Usually these neighborhoods have big trees, big lots, houses that don't all look the same (and were built around this time frame) and are fairly quiet. It's quite a prestigious award in our minds.

Loved the nice big white trim here. The red brick with the yellow paint also caught my eye.

This neighborhood was a nice discovery as it's nearby where we often run errands. Sometimes Mom and I like to stop the car and take a stroll while running errands. Since we don't really live in a neighborhood, it's fun to take advantage of the quiet roads and enjoy looking at the different houses.

This house had what looked like a full blown moat in front of it.
The moat was dry though and had some planks in it, which made it look like it was a mine shaft.
I imagine the person living there to be like the grumpy old man in Pollyanna.

This time, though, we had three young men with us. So it looked more like we were canvassing the neighborhood. And I think by the end the boys all enjoyed the walk. Sometimes, they need to be reminded to stop and smell the roses.

This house had a shorter than usual picket fence which I thought was interesting. Also, note the half bay window.

I always like taking pictures of houses that have ideas we could use on our house. Even though our house wasn't built until the 1970's, it's looks are right out of the 1950's.

Loved the boxwood here. And the pop out window. And the small window to the right of the door.

Not that we need any more ideas around here! I think we have a dream list a mile long.

This was one of my favorite houses. You can't see it so well here, but the porch has arches in between the posts.
Our porch desperately needs them. There was also an adorable side entrance porch.
The shrubs in front of the porch remind me of my grandparents house. Happy sigh.

Since this neighborhood is so close to where we run errands, I have a feeling it will be a discovery we'll enjoy for a while!


Amy said...

Those are seriously cute houses! I love to look at houses while on errands or walks.

Sara The Farmerette said...

I know! We should organize some house-looking walks for ladies and pick a different fun neighborhood each time. :)

elizabeth embracing life said...

You should drive around Raleigh Hills area, or better yet walk it, the back streets will charm you socks right off. Or better yet don't wear socks.