Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surprise! (again)

Today was funny. Not laugh until you can't breathe funny. But funny in the sense that God has been using this month to keep me humble. So far I've had a surprise trip (I wrote down the wrong dates), a surprise concussion (still dealing with that one) and today we had a surprise visit.

Today it was around one o'clock and we were all relaxing (lunch break for the boys). I had started lunch, which was going to take a while to finish, and was giving my poor head a rest when the doorbell rang. Mom went to answer the door and was surprised to see an older couple that we know standing on our doorstep. I was just as surprised to hear their voices greeting her. And then I realized that this was the day I had invited them over for lunch. And I had totally, totally forgotten about it.

Granted the fault wasn't totally mine. I had invited them at the beginning of the month and had written it down on our calender. That calender had since become the farm calender and the lunch had never gotten moved over to our daily calender. This farm calender also happens to be the calender that I wrote the wrong date for my trip to Spokane on, so I had it in my head that the couple were coming the day before Spokane. Well, when Spokane came a week earlier, that went out of my head. Plus, it doesn't help that I'm still suffering from this concussion, can you tell? And the weird thing about all of this, is that I NEVER do this sort of thing. I don't like being caught unprepared and usually I'm the super think ahead and plan out everything sort person.

But God knew that I had forgotten and was merciful in not letting me be completely embarrassed. The night before I had decided to do something fun for lunch and had started some black eyed peas soaking. So, thankfully, when our guests arrived I had already started some Black Eyed Pea Masala with Naan for lunch. It was nice to have more than cheese quesadillas to offer them!

Both the recipes turned out great. I ended up using more peas than what they called for, so I just guessed on how much spices to add. I also left out the chilies, because I'm a total spicy-hot wimp. I forgot to take pictures, but the ones below work, right?

So there's only a week and a half left for surprises this month. And I can't wait. Because really, each day is a surprise and it's not like I'm really in control of anything anyways!


Rosanne E. Lortz said...

So, did you tell the older couple that you had forgotten they were coming, or did you just play it cool?

Amanda Evans said...

Yeah, good question! And it's not as though all these things happened because of the concussion. You miswrote them before that happened. What good go with the flow, roll with the punches, take things as they come practice you've had lately! What resolutions did you make again?

Sara The Farmerette said...

@Rose We told them all about it. :D They have a good sense of humor and laughed with us.

@Amanda - God took me seriously with the Resolutions I guess. :)

Ellen said...

yum, that looks SO good. :)