Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Deadly Paper

On Monday of this week, I got a mild concussion.

And if it's possible to get a lame concussion, that's what I got. A really, really lame concussion.

I wasn't tackled playing football, I wasn't trying to land a double axle, or I wasn't saving the world by some dramatic means. In fact, I wasn't doing anything. Really. All I was trying to do was fix a printer jam. Which isn't much of anything. And certainly is not usually concussion inducing.

To set the stage, we begin with the fact that our printer is located in our large kitchen pantry, and on the top shelf above the printer we store paper goods, like paper towels and paper cups. Now the key word there is paper. As in non-heavy paper goods. The paper plates for instance have a spot on a lower shelf. Because they are heavy. But unfortunately, the last time we unloaded groceries, some person in our family decided that the top shelf (on top of the slippery paper cup bag) was the perfect place to store a 10lb bag of paper plates.

So. while I was bending over wrestling with the printer, I, poor innocent me, received the full blow of a ten pound sack dropped on my poor little head. And my brain did not like it. I immediately had the oddest headache and for the rest of the day I could've cried at the drop of a hat (now I know what it means to feel hormonal). I was also slightly nauseated and hardly ate anything all day. I'm doing better now since I went to the chiro, (PTL for chiros!) but still things are taking their time to feel better. And I've pretty much doing nothing for the last two days.

The thing that makes this even more ironic is that the previous evening (Sunday evening if you are keeping track) I talked to my friend Rebekah who lives in Spokane. It was a good thing that we talked because I found out that I was not flying to Spokane next week like I had written on my calendar, but I was flying out THIS Friday. Thankfully, I don't have anything going on this weekend, so it was kind of like giving myself a surprise present. Of course, my mind starts whirling with list of everything I must get accomplished this week (else obviously the whole world is going to stop) and I was in the middle of my first task when the above happened.

Thus my list was thrown out the window of life. And you know what, that's fine with me. Because I can't even remember what was on it.


Ellen said...

oh my word. Are you serious?? This is so ridiculous I almost can't believe it. Poor you. :(

Farmgirl said...

I would laugh, but being brained by a 10 lb anything, even if it is something as lame as paper plates, is not good :-p

Amanda Evans said...

I don't think you should ever, EVER write lists or plan ANYTHING. God just doesn't want you to have things your own way! Your life would make an excellent episodic book that way: each chapter would be its own humorous story, but the whole would have one ironic theme... Hope you're feeling better!