Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011: Resolved

I've never been into making resolutions for the new year, but this year I decided to try doing a goal/resolution sheet. I've made a separate page for it, but I thought it would be nice for it to have it's own post too.

1. Learn how to juggle three balls (Already making progress. I didn't realize that this should be a goal of mine until January 4th at four o'clock. And then inspiration hit. Thus some tangerines became slightly more squishy then they already were.)

2. Calculus/French (I've done 25 minutes of a refresher lecture for Calc. Go me.)

3. Finish Herbert! (Hmm, brakes, wiring, painting, gee not much left. Hah!)

4. Write more. (Not sure how this differs from 5, but it sure sounds good)

5. Keep blogging. (See 4)

6. Exercise joy and patience (So now, I'm scared to pray for opportunities... : D )

7. Consistently practice the violin. (Um, like at least an hour a day. Okay I might be in dream land here. But just reading this article made me realize I could make myself do more.)

8. Learn how to crochet, and crochet something. (I guess it would have been more logical to say "finish knitting sweater project before fall" then learn to crochet. )

9. Read more classic fiction. (List coming soon.)

10. Read at least six Shakespeare plays.

11. Be full of faith. (No fear.Well, I mean the right kind of faith, wrong kind of fear.)

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