Monday, November 29, 2010

Stay at home days

Today was one of those lovely stay at home days. It was much appreciated after partying for a week and half with the Walkers.

In contrast to what I posted a couple of weeks ago, here's what I did today.

7:30-8 Get ready for the day. Went to bed to late since Ellen was leaving the next day.
8 - 9 Exercise and change into real clothes.
9-10 Jacob reads to me the Lord's Prayer from our little story book. We also review the fourth commandment. He's working his way memorizing the Deuteronomy 5 commandments. Say good bye to the Walkers. Clean room.
10 -11 Personal Bible time. Read through and study Jeremiah 2-3:5 in Youngs Literal Translation. Facebook and email. Although, I might have done those first. In theory, I tell myself to do Bible first then FB, but often I get, ahem, distracted. Realize that we haven't done family devotions yet, cause I got distracted doing mine. Call Andrew, Daniel and Jacob down (Mom's already there) and we sit down to work on memorizing the books of the bible by singing along to the Jamie Soles song. Dad conveniently walks by right when its time to pray so we all get to pray together. Then it's a Christmas song singing (Jacob needs to memorize some for Newell House) and we read about a saint from Reformation Night. It just happens to be the Pilgrims which ties in nicely with Thanksgiving last week.
11-12 Sewing, listen to Anna telling me about Thanksgiving. She's Sonya's 4 years old daughter. Sonya's our wonderful housekeeper. We couldn't do it without her. Jacob reads to Mom and then he/I work on his math. Mums leaves to go out to lunch with a friend. (She's driving all by herself!)
12-1:30 Cleaning out fridge of leftovers, lunch.
1:30-5:30 Sewing on Marie's dress. Most days I would probably be working on some misc project inside or outside. Alternate listening to Christmas music to Andrew practicing violin, Daniel practicing piano and Jacob tinkering on the piano. Lots of minute interruptions that would make this more boring then it already is.
5:30 -6:15 Work on dinner. Got off super easy. Mums brings home pizza. Made salad and cooked carrots. Supervise Andrew making cake.
6:15-7 Dinner, Couple of Dads arrive to coordinate HOOPS stuff with Dad
7 -8 Cleaning up, talking, finish hand sewing.
8-9 Quiet time. Knitting and watch the Office. Rare. Usually it seems like I'm working until 9.
9 -10 Cake time, internet. Say goodnight and prayers with Jacob. Start episode of Psych with family. Blog time. Laugh. Blog. Laugh. Blog.

The end. Well, kind of. I haven't gotten to bed yet. Who knows what might happen.

Realize that I haven't done my violin practice yet. Sigh.

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Amy said...

Love how you start the day with exercise and finish with cake! That's my kind of day.

Still sounds like a busy day even though you stayed home.