Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tum Diddly Dee

Today was another one of those run errands until you drop. Not sure why all of a sudden we are doing all of these. Oh, wait, I know. First, we are having the Walkers up in a week and a half. So we are trying to tie up loose ends around the house. Second, we've avoided doing errands for while. So we've gotten behind. Third, we're crazy. I think I always end up writing posts after these sort of days as a way to decompress. I could sit down and tell the half of the family what happened. But they would probably just fall asleep. As it's not really interesting. And don't worry, I'm not going to recount you with all the gory details either. But I will say that I think I'm over half way done with Christmas shopping!

BUT, at least this morning, we got school done. Well, somewhat. And skyped with a friend overseas. And I made it to the feed mill to pick up sheep and chicken feed.

When we were out running errands, we got a call from Dad saying that his cousin from Alaska would be stopping over to spend the night. Said cousin had let us know that he would be passing through, but we didn't know when. Of course it happens the night 7/8 of us are gone. He's been in Alaska for 20 years and is now moving down to Texas. Talk about climate change.

What made the drive tolerable on the way home was listening to Bob and Ray. If you've never heard of this satire radio program (think The Onion in radio format), here's a small sample of what you've been missing...

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