Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Deepwood Estate

7/29/2012 - Catching up on photos that have been sitting on my phone while watching the Summer Olympics. These are from last December (2011).... I went on a tour of the Deepwood Estate with my Bible Study group (Jana, Jeanne, Christine) and my mother also tagged along, which was lovely. We toured the home and then we went out for dessert at Gerry Frank's Konditorei. I was still recovering from gallbladder surgery, so it was my first outing in almost two months (besides church) that didn't involve doctors or hospitals! And I could even eat the cake!

Love the tower! And there's a sun room off to the left.

An unusual split flue that allows for a window in the middle.

The house was full of amazing stained glass.

Beautiful woodwork everywhere.
The Door  with the glass window on the right is actually curved to fit into the wall!

Love the detail on old hinges.

A sweet corner in the kitchen.

Looking down the unusually curved stairs with a globe light on the pillar.
The stained glass windows sit over a curved landing with window seats.

Listening to the tour guide.... we are all envying this room.

More beautiful stained glass; even in the bathroom.
Also, notice the paneling!

Part of the gardens that were originally designed by Elizabeth Lord & Edith Schryver. 

Cake! At the Konditorei...

Me, Jeanne, Jana and Christine. 

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