Saturday, December 3, 2011

Surgery, etc.

Well, quite a bit has happened since I posted. I began the week with a gallbladder and ended it without one.

I met with the surgeon on Monday. It was one of the most painless appts I've ever had. I think it helped that I looked pretty pathetic. I had started feeling a whole 'nother notch worse on Sunday, really achy and tired, so he pretty much said, let's do this sooner rather than later and I think we can fit you in on Tuesday. And I thought, Praise God.

So on Tuesday, I got it out. Nothing to spectacular. I do remember going into the operating room and joking with the anesthesiologist about the Christmas music playing. I thought that was pretty awesome that they had music playing in the operating room. Thankfully, I didn't really seem to get nervous before the operation; or else I was just too out of it!

Dad was so sweet and he took me. Once I had woken up and been wheeled into the recovery room he just hung out with me while I slept. Every once in a while he would give me a little cracker or soda. Eventually he ran out of laptop juice and we realized that we could turn on the TV and watch cable.  Yes! (we don't have cable) We found Modern Marvels and decided it was nice that we had the same taste in TV shows.  I then slept on and off for what seemed like hours, but eventually I felt well enough to try moving around and then we headed home.

Me. Not at my best. I think my dad was bored.
 Once we got home, everyone was very eager to see my war wounds, two under my ribs and one near the belly button. (I also have an impressive 4" circle bruise under my belly button!) and Daniel made me some Hot Chocolate to sip. Also, my mother anticipated that I would be wanting some English muffins and got them out from the freezer an hour before I got home. I didn't know this so when I got home, so I was bummed when Daniel came and told me there weren't any in the freezer. I was SO sure that I had seen some earlier! Then happy surprise when Mom told me the truth. I love her.

Now, if I had to do it all over again, I would have stayed in the hospital overnight. I didn't take my pain meds as quickly as I could have/should have when I got home, so I wasn't as comfortable as I could have been until around 2am. I also didn't realize that I was going to have to sleep in the LZ boy couch/chair thingy. Thank God we had it though! So yeah, next time, spend the night.The next morning, Tyler, who is so sweet and kind loaned me his 4" foam topper mattress so that I could sleep on my bed. I also lowered my sleep number from 100 to 30 and added about 4-6 pillows in a wedge formation so I could sleep on my back. Yay for pillows!Also, big secret out there. My mother shared this with me, so all credit goes to her. If you like electric blankets, put them underneath you. This has made all the difference. It makes it so much easier to get up, since I only have to deal with the comforter! And it has a much different, more comforting sort of warmth, if that makes any sense....

Anyways, recovery has been slow but fine. And really, in some ways I felt better hours after the surgery than I had in weeks! I did come down with a fever one night, which worried us, but the surgeon said it was probably nothing to be concerned about and thankfully it broke that night. Mostly I've just been doing a lot of sleeping. The first three days I slept a good couple of hours almost every time I took my pain meds. Today's the first day I haven't felt like I slept all day. My appetite is also slowly coming back! Tonight I ate the more food than I think I've eaten all week.

So, I'm glad this week is over. And I'm definitely looking forward to feeling like it's Christmas season and actually taking part in it. Instead of me just observing it. I love going to Portland at Christmastime and today the family went, gasp, without me! Oh well, I guess I forgive them. And really, my family's been just great; they deserved a day of having fun without having to wait on me hand and foot. :)


Amber said...

Including my c-sections I've had abdominal surgeries three times. This last time I obviously didn't really get to recover (out and about 36 hours later), but overall it really hasn't been that terrible. And it is nice to have an excuse to be waited on! Hope you recover quickly. Miss you!

Sara The Farmerette said...

Ah, miss you too! Thanks for the note. After this whole experience, I have much more sympathy for those who go through c-sections!

Harmon's said...

I am thankful to read that there is slow but steady progress. Have a blessed new week!