Sunday, December 4, 2011

Scandinavia, holidays and waffles

I've really been digging Scandinavian blogs lately. I'm especially enjoying Hei Astrid, Krims Krams and Brit-Arnhild's House in the Woods. Maybe it's because Scandinavians know how to do winter right. They also know how to do interior design right. mmm.

Blurry photo of candle sconce and a bucket with decorative dead greenery and pretty dead bird.
I was lying here feeling sorry for myself (I'm doing a lot of lying around right now, listening to stories and napping) when I got inspired to steal my mothers candle sconces and put up a smidgen of a Christmas decoration above my bed. Now I just have to get one of my ever lovin' brothers to put on my red and white comforter cover and I'll be on my way to holiday happiness.

Though now I just lie in bed paranoid that I'm going to drift off to sleep and the candles are going to explode and next thing I know there are three foot black flames licking up my wall.

I made these waffles for dinner tonight. Or I mixed them up and Daddy cooked them. Awesome waffle maker that man is. Daniel also finished baking our classic Christmas is coming Molasses Spiced Cookies. Starting to feel the holidays a bit.

I'm wearing a striped shirt today. Which makes me quite happy. I don't think I've owned a striped shirt for over 10 years. I think the last shirt I owned that was striped had a v-neck and I got sunburned in it at camp one year. I then had to wear it for the next three days as no other shirts had a matching neck line. Fond memories.
Said striped shirt. Also notice raccoon in background.

One of Jacob's main love languages is gifts. And if he is feeling concerned or loving toward you, he gives you a stuffed animal to sleep with. Last night, I got Mister Raccoon to watch over me. I tell you, I slept better for it.

Reading Scandinavian blogs and thinking about Scandinavian interior design has got me reevaluating what I like in design. And the only problem is that I can't figure out a name for what I like. Which isn't very helpful. I can think of decorating styles I'm not. And styles I admire. But I'm not sure what I like to live in. Eclectic might be the word. But it's not a very helpful or descriptive word. Expensive also works I guess.

Also, did you know that one of the reasons I got pulled out of public schools was... we studied Scandinavia in fourth grade and all we learned about were trolls and fairy tales. Helpful for when shows like Once Upon a Time and Grimm are all the rage, but not really helpful. At all.

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SallyS said...

I remember that racoon! I think I had a matching one, no? :-)
So glad you're (slowly) getting better...