Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Herbert gets a Clean Sweep

Today I had a little extra time and got to work on Herbert. I was able to finish tearing out the board separating the storage area, swept up all of the debris and pulled up a few floorboards.

The floorboards are amazing... I get the feeling that they were soaked in some amazing non-environmentally friendly 1940's era toxic solution. Kind of like the wall panels that appear to be coated in thick lead black paint. The panels are definitely original and they are so well coated that they've only just begun rotting.

While sweeping up the debris, I kept finding turquoise paint flakes... and I was playing around with painting part of the inside turquoise, so now I am definitely leaning towards using it. :)

1 comment:

Amy said...

Yes you HAVE to use turquoise. He looks like it might be his favorite color.