Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chocolate Souffle

Made my first Chocolate Souffle today... Didn't quite know what to expect as I had never had one before, but if you've never had one before, it tasted like chocolate pudding with more of the texture of a cake (but no flour was needed). I used the Best Recipe Cook Book which called for Grand Marnier. I didn't have any, but used Contreau. Not sure if it made a difference, but next time I would love a little more orange-y flavor.


Bercik & Agatka said...

Yum! Me love some Cointreau :o)


Claudia said...

Grand Marnier is not that great. I would say you need a liqueur for alcohol flavor, but add orange zest because chocolate is an awfully strong flavor. The Cook's Country show I just watched made the perfect Mile High Lemon Meringue Pie with 2 whole tbsp of lemon zest -- one pie, one cup of lemon juice + 2 T lemon zest.

That's like the pies we made with the Meyer lemons from Grandpa Bailey's trees, when we put in 8-10 lemons per pie!

I have never made a chocolate souffle, but I made the flour-less chocolate cake from Maida Heatter's book of Great Chocolate Desserts, which uses a small amount of cornstarch instead of flour. Delicious, and like a "Chocolate Lava" ice cream I had once in Ottawa. Molten chocolate!

Sara Cone said...

@Agata - I just opened the bottle for this.. I have a feeling its going to get some more use.. soon.

@Claudia - Good idea about the orange zest!