Monday, October 4, 2010

A Fall Cake

With the help of Anna (5 years old), I made a second attempt (maybe the title of the post should be fail cake?) of Gâteau de Mamy à la Poire from Chocolate & Zuchini, which is an awesome French cooking blog. The first time I made it, the cake turned out to be more of an over-baked-eggy-pudding-sort-of-smush. Not what I was going for! It did get devoured, however, and Daniel wants the mistake version for his birthday desert. Not sure how I am going to manage that...

Going over the recipe again, I figured out where my mistakes were...

I did not add anywhere near the amount of fruit she had, as there's no fruit measurement on the recipe. You have to figure out by the photos, which wasn't obvious to me the first time.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that I put in baking soda instead of baking powder. Oops.

Also, I lowered the oven temp by 25 degrees.

But, anyways, I made it this time, with lots of pears* and it turned out quite delicious. I think next time I could put in a smidgen less fruit, to make it slightly more cake-y, but then again, it might just depend on my mood!

*From our own over-bearing (in a good way) pear trees!


Bercik & Agatka said...

Nice blog, Sara!
I read the recipe and she said something about 3 big or 4 small apples for the size of the pan she was using.
Anyway, thanks for the post and for the link to that blog! I was not familiar with it. And I found there a recipe for a rhubarb tart which I absolutely must try soon, well, sometimes.
Once upon a time I ate an excellent rhubarb tart and the taste of that tart is hunting me :o)

Sara said...

I think she was using a fairly med-large apples compared with med-small pears, so I guess thats why it didn't quite work. Let me know how the rhubarb tart turns out. Yums!

Amanda Evans said...

Over-bearing, ha ha! This is making me really hungry. You should bring a box of pears to church to give away. Well, no you shouldn't because I won't be there. Or you could send an invitation to everyone to come on out and pick them themselves. Unless you're using them all up yourselves, that is. I wish I could come out and get some!