Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 144

1. I've been making Kombucha and it's been going quite well. I remember we tried making it years ago, but we never got the hang of it and it just seemed to awkward and gross. There are several reasons I believe it's going so well this time. First off, is the container. See that spigot a the bottom. That makes it so much easier to get the liquid out! No lifting up the SCOBY, you just drain it into your jar of choice. And secondly, I'm more of a believer of the importance of good bacteria. That helps! Plus, I've learned that it's very easy to mix with fruit juice. So if it starts tasting to sour, I just stir in some concentrate and it's much better.

2. What else today? Mostly just lying low, tummy hasn't been feeling quite right. But I've been quite productive in getting some things done that I was pushing off when the weather was so nice. This evening found just Tyler and I at home, so we had a nice dinner of leftover pho, with this mango avocado salsa. So good! Then we watched the Truman Show while folding laundry, and finished the evening of by watching the this TED talk.

The parentals and Daniel and Jacob got to attend a Jamie Soles Concert, which was awesome and now they're out partying it up, Andy's watching Star Trek with a friend.

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