Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 306 (Halloween)

A few pictures from Reformation Day celebrations at church. 

Also, today consisted of going to the dentist for an infected gum. Ouch.
Which means I'll be getting two of my wisdom teeth out in November. Double ouch.
Also, as a side note clove oil swished with water makes an amazing oral pain killer. It doesn't necessarily last long, as in you may find yourself swishing it around frequently. But it touches the pain unlike over the counter pills.

Also, worked on putting away all the lovely Penzey spices we bought the other day.

For Halloween/Reformation Day, this was one of the few times at our church were we didn't stick to a Reformation era theme. Jacob was Harry Potter. Daniel wanted to wear fatigues but apparently we'd gotten rid of them, so he went as himself. Andy left his costume at work, so he had to go as himself. Scott was the axeman and Juli was Robin Hood. And I wanted to be a cowgirl. But at the last minute I couldn't find my flannel shirt. So I had a mini tantrum and then put on a hipster outfit. Which I got way too many compliments on and now I'm torn as to whether I should embrace more hipsterishness in my wardrobe. I like the hipsters I know and enjoy their style, but I tend to lean more towards "classic" with a few modern pieces thrown in.

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Susan in Elk Grove said...

And where is a pic of your fabulous hipster costume? Hmmmm? :)