Saturday, April 30, 2011

Herbert (Paint, lights and wheels)

Well, here's a long overdue Herbert post. Since I last wrote about him, something monumental has happened. Herbert got driven on the road. Successfully, no less! We had to deliver some lambs to the butcher and Herbert performed his job admirably. And while Scott did the actual driving, afterwards, I got to practice backing him up, which felt pretty sweet.

Here you can see where Scott worked his magic.
The steel tube that contains part of the hinges had broken and he replaced it and re-welded it.

Here's where a light is in the middle of getting replaced. Scott helped me, or really, I helped him, rewire the lights for the trailers. I'd always thought wiring trailers was supposed to be a nightmare after all of the Patrick McManus books I read growing up, but apparently if you just have the right chart, it's a synch. And apparently we had the right chart. :) You can also get a good close up of one of Herbert's original colors.

And another classic color that Herbert used to be painted. This is in the wheel well where we replaced one of Herbert's wheels.

So anyways... wiring is now finished, and it's onto the brakes!

And then PAINT! What color? I'm leaning towards red or teal with cream detailing. But, you never know. :)


Amy said...

I, of course, would agree but a cheery yellow might be nice too.

Ellen said...