Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I baked a apple, cranberry and raisin pie today.

Amy from A Little Busy tagged me...

Apparently I'm supposed to come up with seven random facts about me. Hmmm.

I'm not sure how this is going to work but I'll try...

Oh, I know, I'm going to mimic Amy's themes for each one. Phew, that sounds easier.

A week later, here it is!

1. I am ticklish. Okay, no big surprise there.

2. I have brown hair with red highlights. My hair lightens in the summer and then grows out darker in the winter. My mom claims it looks like I have "roots". During the summer, if I'm lucky I get a little splotchy freckles if I'm in the sun a lot. I start looking for them in July because I love freckles! I do tan easily and I still have some tan lines and it's April. Of course I'm pretty pale to begin with so the darkest I get is about as light as my mom is naturally. I'm sure the reason that I tan well is that I could care less...

3. I've never made easy money like Amy. But I think one of my coolest possessions is a 1867 Springfield Rifle with a bayonet. I don't know why I'm not married yet. I mean, doesn't every guy want one of those?

4. I don't care for green shag carpeting either... in fact I was horribly allergic to the original shag carpeting in my current bedroom. It took me a couple of months to figure out why I didn't like hanging out in my bedroom. I'm a little slow at times.

5. I love sports. It doesn't matter how bad I am at them. And of course, now that our church is renting a gym every Sunday afternoon, I get a concussion and can't play anything. Argh.

6. I love traveling... If I had to pick one place to go it would be Egypt or England...

7. Since I got this concussion, I've discovered why people eat chocolate.


Susan in Elk Grove said...

I have an eighth random fact for you: you have a delightful sense of humor! :) I miss you, Sara, and can't wait to see you in June. <3

Amanda Evans said...

I will go with you to Egypt! But I want to go to turn-of-the-century Egypt.