Monday, March 14, 2011

A little update

Topaz enjoying my heating pad.
This is where I spend the majority of each day.

So I haven't been posting for a number of reasons. First, nothing interesting has happened in the last, oh I don't know, two or three weeks since I last posted. Second, as my concussions symptoms have died down (hardly any headaches, yay!) other symptoms have been rearing their ugly head. And as much fun as these things are, it's probably just not that entertaining unless you live with me. And even then that might be stretching it. But I did want to do a little update for the sake of keeping a record of God's faithfulness on my blog and to keep those lovely friends (you know who you are) updated who I don't get to see every Sunday. So feel free not to read the following. :)

So here's the update, in bullet points because I can't type for long.

  • I'm mostly done with headaches. I'm so thankful that area of my concussion has healed.
  • Still working on the dizzy/lightheadedness.
  • Trying to figure out if it's coming from my eyes or the nerves at the base of my skull (or should it be head?).
  • Hoping to figure that stuff out by seeing an optometrist who does vision therapy and maybe Mom's neurologist.
  • Also, the optometrist should be able to help with being able to read. Still can't read for more than 10 minutes without my eyes giving up on me. Bleh.
  • Still can't look down well. Thankfully this still gets me out of doing dishes, cooking or laundry. Actually, I really miss all of those and I can't even garden. Which really stinks.
  • And I forgot to add earlier - I'm so thankful for this little laser therapy pen we have from our chiropractor. I've been able to use on accupressure points and it's made a huge difference in my pain levels. Never would have thought accupressure points would be so helpful!
So there you have it. At least what I can remember. Hopefully it makes sense. :D

I'm making good use of my time now. My brains functioning enough that I don't always want to watch mindless shows, so I've been watching some videos at Khan Academy which is super awesome. And I'm going through the Luke sermon series at Mars Hill. I've been brushing up on my French. I've discovered that I enjoy chick flicks a lot more if there's foreign subtitles on the screen or its in a foreign language with English subtitles. I actually have three out from the library to watch... go me!


Ellen said...

yay GO YOU!! :)
Love you Sara, and I'm glad you're improving somewhat.. hang in there, chica.
I'll try and call you sometime soon.

elizabeth embracing life said...

Sara so sorry that you have to be forced out of the things you enjoy. Praying for continued healing. Love and blessings sent across town to you. elizabeth