Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You knwo you're sick when:

You look in the mirror and realize you're carrying a FULL 2 liter 7UP soda and a bowl of jello to your bedroom to eat while you watch a movie.

You look forward to licking the salt off of a saltine.

You are tired of canned chicken noodle soup, and not eating the noodles.

The heat pad is your best friend.

You have time to read too many blogs about traveling. Thus leading to tempting thoughts like, "what am I still doing here?"

You're getting used to making breakfast without eating it.

But as long as you don't eat it, it smells SO good.

If you eat it then you might die though. So you don't.

You make consistent progress on your knitting project leading you to conversations in your head such as, "Next time I'll do this differently," and then the response,"What? Have you forgotten the HOURS it has taken you to get this far?"

 Well, I've had the flu for awhile now, but I did go see the doctor today and it sounds like it's almost over. Yay! And it actually hasn't been horrible. I've mostly had a low grade fever with light nausea. Basically I feel great as long as I'm not walking around a lot or eating anything.

Part of me wants to consider this to have been a purposeful spiritual fast. But I'd be lying.

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