Saturday, February 12, 2011

Portland Outing

Yesterday Mums and I had a girls afternoon out with some gals from church. The special occasion was to see Karmaleigh (the mom) and Aisha (the daughter) who are visiting from far off Pennsylvania. We started with a little tour of the Portland Library.

I love wandering around this library. It kind of reminds me of New York City.
It's a pared down version of some of their fantastic buildings.

Pink library walls! They match the pink florals in the carpet.

Next we walked over to the Button Emporium.
This place is a haven for any sort of sewer/crafter. It's simply tantalizing.

Don't you just want to buy something?

As you can see, we're having fun (Aisha, Bethany and Juli).
Actually, the girls were starving and we walked down to Pioneer Place to get some munchies.

Love those brick sidewalks!

At Pioneer Place with Juli.
Some people were taking their sweet time in a perfume store. Ahem.

And that brings us to today. Being gone for five hours straight yesterday (longest stretch without lying down in a month) means that I ain't doin' nuttin' today. In fact, all the menfolk are gone sledding and I didn't realized how relaxed I was feeling until I looked in the mirror and beheld my lack of pattern coordination. Gingham vest, calico print shirt and floral pajama pants.
I think this is about as wild as my outfits get!

*All the pictures were taken with my little camera phone, hence the blurriness.*

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Thank you for sharing about your wonderful day.