Thursday, September 30, 2010

Got Duck?

We do. Mom got ten baby ducks last week and they are growing quickly. Last week they were about half the size.

The duckies got their first chance to explore the yard today. They didn't stray more than a few feet from the yard as they would hardly walk more than a few steps without sitting down to nibble at the grass or preen themselves. At first they all look the same, but eventually you can begin to see how the puffs differ. Some are bigger, some have a micro puff or two, and some are even lopsided.

Jacob gathering the duckies for their second bath (they had their first one on Monday).

In the turtle tub!


Amanda Evans said...

Nice pictures! Are they named?

Sara said...

We've been thinking about it now that we can see the differences in their puffs. Before that, you couldn't tell them apart!